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An important election is coming up soon that could have a big impact on your family budget. Solar and wind power now cost IREA much less than the coal plant that provides most of our electricity. Did you know that you as customers are actually owners of our IREA electric co-op? We have an exciting opportunity to elect new leaders who will make the switch to cheaper, cleaner electricity faster.
A volunteer, nonpartisan citizen group is supporting candidates who will do this – and put the interests of co-op member/owners first. The candidates we support will make our co-op more democratic and work to save you money. Ballots go out on March 25, so plan to vote for the candidates pledging to Change IREA!

You can type in your address to check your district on the IREA website here: IREA Map
Make sure the person whose name is on the bill signs the ballot or they won’t count it!

If you would like to get more information, a reminder email when ballots are mailed, or volunteer to help Change IREA, check out

Thanks and please pass this on to your neighbors and friends!

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